Tornado Shelter 5′ x 7′

5′ x 7′ Tornado Shelter – Dallas, TX Tornado Safe Room Install

5' x 7' Tornado Shelter
5’x7′ Above Ground Tornado Shelter

This Texas Tornado Shelter (TTS) video shows an outdoor patio installation on the backside of a home in Garland, Texas. Note, installing a concrete pad is necessary for some installations by TSS. An approximate 10 – 12 individuals will fit within each safe room of this size. Therefore, you may be able to keep the neighbors safe, too.

A 3 1.2 diameter anchor bolt about 5 or 6 inches keeps the safe room firmly secure on the concrete pad. A ‘Certificate of Installation’ and seal is attached inside the shelters at each and every job. 

Financing for your family safety may be available through a Texas Rebate Program.