In-Closet Storm Shelters

Florida Storm Shelter offers bolt together storm shelters that can be installed virtually anywhere! This bolt together design allows for installation not only in your closet, but anywhere inside your home using 12” panels. Anywhere residential grade concrete is available for anchoring, we can install a bolt together storm shelter. The bolt together design allows for easy relocation to your new home should you move. Florida Storm Shelter In-Closet Panel Shelters. *Can also be a DIY order, call for details on self installation. All shelters are 77″ Tall.


3×6 4 Person Shelter Call for Price
4×6 6 Person Shelter  Call for Price
4×8 7 Person Shelter $11,750 Plus Installation
5×10 8 Person Shelter  Call for Price
6×8 10 Person Shelter  Call for Price

Most any dimension can be constructed in 12” increments