Underground Concrete Storm Shelter

Under-Ground Shelter weight is 12,000 LBS +/-   they are designed to be buried 54″ deep leaving approximately 30″ above ground level, but can be placed more shallow making the door elevated above the ground to prevent water getting in.

Above-Ground Concrete Safe Rooms are very heavy 12,000 to 15,000 lbs, they must be set on a 12″ thick concrete foundation.  

All shelters are fully FEMA compliant, under-ground concrete shelters are made of heavy duty thick precast concrete 6,000 PSI, doors and locking devises have been tested and certified to comply with EF-5 debris and wind impacts. Warranty is 10 years on leaking. Delivery time 2 to 4 weeks.  

*Price includes delivery and installation, installation area must be available for heavy excavating equipment, price does not include dirt haul-off or landscaping we FSS assumes No responsibility for ground disturbance and/or lawn ruts or removing fences or underground utilities.  Prices do not include a concrete foundation.

Sizes Occupancy Price
4’ x 6’ Sloped Front 4 Person…SMALL $7,500 + Tax
 5’ x 7’ Flat Top 10 Persons $8,500 + Tax
6’ x 8’ Sloped Front 10 – 12 Persons $10,000 + Tax
4’ x 8’ Concrete Safe Room 6 to 8 Persons $10,000 + Tax
6’ x 8’ Concrete Safe Room 10 to 12 Persons $15,000 + Tax

*All shelter prices as quoted include delivery and installation.

*Will not install in low water table locations…Call for details.

Ordering your shelter: If you are ready to place your order, please navigate to “Make a Deposit” link below and make your deposit of $500. https://www.floridastormshelter.com/shop/           *NOTE: Credit card fee is 3%.  Checks are welcome at no additional charge.